How To Remove Lock Door Knob

You are in a hurry and you turn your car key fast and remove it only to realize only half of it has come out. What do you do? There are many solutions to this. You can do it yourself or have a locksmith do it. Unfortunately getting a locksmith might be too expensive not to mention time consuming. So you decide to use all your physics to get that broken key from the lock because the car won’t open.

Things To Do Before You Remove Lock Door Knob

Before you go all ham on the lock door knob it is important to try easier things to get that key out.

1. Key Extractor - This is a locksmith tool readily available in any hardware. It has a hook that goes inside the lock and can pick the broken key out of there. If you don’t have an extractor at your disposal, you can try to use a pair of eyebrows tweezers or a nail clipper. This process should be done carefully to avoid damaging the lock. You can spray a hint of graphite powder to make it easier for the key shaft to slide out.

2. Magnet - you can try to pull the key out using a magnet. Have something ready that can pull the key when it gets near the mouth of the lock.

Other Reasons Why You May Need To Remove Lock Door Knob

Even though it should not be the first thing you do, there are other instances where you will find it necessary to remove lock door knob of your car. For example if your lock seems to have intense rust on it and therefore jamming when you try to unlock, it is a good idea to open it up. Soaking a rusted lock in kerosene overnight will take care of this problem. Similarly if the lock has too much gunk and debris that is not coming out when you spray lubricant, you can remove lock door knob to clean it up.

How To Remove Lock Door Knob

A lock door knob is held by tiny screws. If you want to remove it you must have a small screw driver. Screw them out one by one until it’s loose. Remove the door knob carefully, clean it up or get the broken key shaft out and screw the knob back. This is a process that is done mostly by locksmiths who know what they are doing.

Why It Is Recommended To Remove Lock Door Knob

If you can remove lock door knob carefully without causing damage this method is the best way to remove anything jammed inside the lock. This is because putting metallic things inside the lock can harm the lock or push the foreign object further inside.
If dust and gunk are the reasons why the lock is jamming, removing lock door knob is the only way one will clean it up completely. Using graphite lubricant is just a temporary solution.

However, as in everything else, if you do not know what you are doing call a locksmith to do it for you. Buying a new lock can be very costly if you damage that one.